Please Help. Yoyo Jam response is not going back in

So I just picked up my Toxic frog edition YYJ Dark Magic 2 today, which I’ve played with for a while, and as I threw it, it just went super responsive and flew back to my hand out of nowhere. I then noticed that one of the silicone response rings had come out. I opened the yoyo and tried to put the white response pad back in. The strange thing is that the ring is too big to go in, by which I mean its diameter is bigger than that of the gap it need to be placed in. I find this really strange and cannot figure out how to get it back in. Did the ring grow? Is this usual? Am i just a noob? And most importantly, what do I do? Its gonna take me a good 3 weeks to get some new response shipped to me so some help would be very appreciated especially since I could not find any help elsewhere. If anyone knows what is going on please help me, and thank you in advance :slight_smile:

I’d say rip it out and silicone the yoyo.

The stock response has an adhesive backing. I’ve got a few extra sets of YYJ response pads but I’ve been replacing them with flowable silicone when the response wears out.

I think you just got a pad pad that was stretched out as it was ripped out.

If you can get either red or blue gasket maker or flowable windshield sealing silicone, you can be up and running in 24 hours. It does take some learning and watching some YouTube videos, but you CAN do this. For the price of 2 sets of replacement responses, you can do this yourself 50 times or more.

Put some rubber cement on the back of the stickers and pt them back in

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