Yuuksta Problem

Hey everyone.

My yuuksta is again acting up. I haven’t been able to throw it. The O rings on it grew!!! I ordered new rings, but barely 5-10 min. after putting them in, they grew as well! What is going on?


Umm… Grew? What do you mean grew?

Could you be more specific?

Did you stretch the response pads while putting them in? What pad are you using?

My O rings just all of a sudden became too big for the yoyo, they didn’t fit inside.

Do you mean rubber o-rings or the silicone pads?

The white rings next to the bearing… kinda soft and squishy

Maybe try using your own flowable silicone to make custom response pads. They shouldn’t grow.

You must be using wrong pads or doing something wrong with removal or installation. Did you clean out ALL of the old response?

OR maybe the silicone response pads didn’t grow. Instead, maybe the yo-yo got smaller. However, it’s summer and the weather is pretty warm, so I doubt that the yo-yo can shrink. But just to ask, are you throwing in a very cold place?

Maybe you stretched out the silicone pads upon placement into the yo-yo.

The yoyo could not have shrunk that much. It was way to big a difference, even metal wouldn’t shrink that much… It’s alright, I have a new yoyo

If the yoyo has been exposed to moisture then the pads will grow like adding water to a very dry sponge

this is the weirdest problem… I suggest using flowable as well. There are many instructional videos online on how to apply flowable silicon to your yoyo. Go to advanced auto parts and buy some of this: http://i1066.photobucket.com/albums/u401/guy_smith2/7160114_ptx_81160_pri_larg.jpg

You can still use your Yuuksta, don’t put it back on the shelf to collect dust.

Ok, let me makes some things clear for yall, first off, the pads didn’t ‘grow’, they probably got stretched out while you were using the yoyo, and second, the yoyo can’t ‘shrink’ to the point where the pads look like they grew.

Actually, the pads DID grow. It happens when you get lube on them. They absorb it like a sponge.

That’s not what happens, silicone doesn’t “grow”, or accept lube, the lube causes the adhesive on the back of the pad to wear off and the pad will fall out while the yoyo is spinning and will get caught in the string, which causes the pad to be stretched out.

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That’s pretty much the bottom line…pad falls/slips out for some reason (could be lube, could be old residue from previous pad’s adhesive), pad stretches/tears from binding while yoyo vibes and makes strange farting noise. Happened to my Echo, just need to clean out the recess and do a fresh new silicone job on it.

Takes some time. Just play with it more. Same thing happened with my chaser. I just played with it more and it was 100% better than before.