O-Ring too big???

Hey guys,

I’m having an issue with my YYF Onestar. I’m not sure what happened, but somewhere along the way, one of my o-rings fell out in the middle of a throw. However, I can’t get it back in! It seems too big! When I try to put it back in, there’s excess. I can’t stick the entire thing back in. I don’t understand that…

This is definitely the same o-ring. I’m just not understanding how it is suddenly too big as soon as it pops out. Has anyone ever experienced this? Or, does anyone know how I can fix it? I’d love to have 2, instead of 1 o-ring… :stuck_out_tongue:

Put in the freezer for a half an hour, it should fit then.

Does that work for sili?

Try using both hands to work it into the groove, compressing it as you go. Start on one side, use your thumbs to push it in and together. Work down each side at the same time, pushing it in as you go.

If that doesent work I think youll have to order a new set

Or you could cut it and trim off a small amount until it fits better. The put a small drop of super glue over the cut.

Dont do this in the yoyo, because when it’s gonna time to change pads you wont be happy. It might work, but the superglue might wear down slower then the response and cause a hiccup on the bind. Its worth a try though…

Thermal expansion/reduction. Thermodynamics. Works for a lot of things, i heat stuborn bolts with a torch often at work and works wonders.

A small drop at the cut will not appreciably stick the ring to the body, if at all.
Nor will it affect the response.

I still advise against doing it in the yoyo, a drop too much and its done. Crazy glue is really liquid, and tends to seep in cracks by means of capilary action.