a question


I know you will think this is a silly question but i can’t take the o-ring out of my hitman :-[ can anyone help? ???


just take a pin or knife, basically anything pointy at the end and push it into the o-ring and pull out. it might take a few tries but it has always worked for me.
if that doesnt work you could get a knife and go around the edge where it meets the yoyo and just go around it, which might loosen it up.


If it’s a regular o-ring, don’t worry about poking a hole in it. It won’t affect how responsive it will be if you put it back in.


Get you a bull dozer and then use a needle or knife or jewlers screwdriver. Dig it out. Once you do it you’l think…" why did I even ask" lol

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Make sure you dont do it at a weird angle because theres a chance you might cut your oring or cut your yoyo. But im sure you will notice that


He’s probably already got it since thie thread is 8 day’s old.


i got it aready :smiley: :wink: