need help please :(

oh so i got a yyj atomosphere and one of my o rings just randomly decided to brake on me so my parents bought me the right ones that this site said to buy and they wont stay in i put them in several times and they just pop out is there a certain way i got to do it or am i just going to have to buy a diffrent kind?? :’(

Take a q-tip, dip one end in rubbing alcohol, and use that clean out the recess. Sometimes there will be just an unnoticeable amount of oil or dust in the recess that keeps the silicone from sticking properly.

Erm… I think he means the O-ring, not silicone.

The O-Ring has to be a specific type. The ones your parents bought you may not fit exactly, so that might be why it pops out. You can always just silicone the gap instead of putting in an O-Ring, but if you want to use O-Rings, then you can either buy it for the yoyo online… (Not too sure about this) Or you can keep trying different ones. Try to buy the O-Ring that feels and looks the closest to the one in the yoyo.

thanks batryn :slight_smile: