trimming o-rings

do any of u know how to trim o-rings? to make it less reponsive

Chuck the yoyo up in a drill,then sand or cut with a knife,wile spinning of course.

With the o-ring in the yo-yo use a razor blade to slice the top part off. A drill isn’t needed and really, it would only make it way more dangerous than it needs to be.

im just gonna use razor blade…

…uh. no.

Fingers? I don’t need no steenkingc fingers… :wink:

Ehhh, NO, don’t do it.

I know the question is how to trim o-rings, but it is just easier to go to your local Walmart, buy a tube of Permatex Red High-Temp silicone and just sili your yoyos. A good tut is right here:

The thing with trimming the o-ring is that unlike silicone, it won’t wear and need replacement. Not that replacing the silicone is a big deal.

i cant silicone yoyo’s…

Why not

i have tried i just cant seem to

Its easy. Just follow the directions.