Shave double O-rings

Hey. so today i passed by a small hobby store and asked my dad if we could check it out. They have the basic yo-yos like ST NXG , yomegas, duncans, and some other YYJ like the Lyn Fury. Ok, so It’s Double O-ring and how do you shave it? I know you use Sand paper but any tips? Because i might be able to get it and make it unresponsive and with my Big-Yo! (coming monday)

Take an E-xacto knife, and cut off the O-ring until it is flush.

you can take a clay sculpting knife to cut it flush or you can sand it down with sand paper or a nail file. i personally like using the nail file because its rigid and you can get it to where you really like without scratching up your yo or making it uneven like you can with a knife. if you dont have a nail file and have some sand paper and some glue you can make your own. simply take some sand paper and cut it to the same size as a pop sickle stick and glue it to it. well later.

keep it spinning

Or just use silicone!!!

You could get a scalpal and just slice all the way around in a cirlce to cut them. Im not sure exactly :-\ :slight_smile:

a regular knife will work as well =D

Shaved o-rings never seem to play the way I want them to. You should consider silicon.

i shave them using a razor then i take it out and flip it over so its even…

Same here. I popped out the O-rings with a pin, then shaved the backs using an exacto knife. I did it about 3 times before I got them shaved down enough to make the X-ConVict unresponsive enough to play with. The key was to shave only one side, and then push that side into the yo-yo so that the unshaved side was sticking out. Otherwise you get nicks and scrapes on the o-ring that really mess up your response.

Well I was looking around and I found these: