HOw do i take out o-rings on the x-convict?

I want to take them out and im not sure if i should put someting to replace it, what will happen if i dont replace it

If you don’t replace them your yo-yo will have no response and will not wind up even by hand. You can replace the o-rings with silicone. To take them out all you have to do is stick a pin or needle in it and pry it out.

I just take it out with my hand :stuck_out_tongue: it’s not that hard ( if you have long nails maybe)

That’s because I loosened it for you.

Explosives fix everything. Slip down some thin gunpowder, set it on fire, and watch it blow!
No. Don’t do that.

Like Icthus said. Or, if you don’t care or you’re having a hard time, pliers. Or you can take a knife and stab it in half. And then taking out is easier.

but do you guys know if there is any problems if i dont replace it with something?

yah, the bind will be loose and all those stuff

It won’t come up. Nor will it be able to be thrown. Think: It’s there for a reason.