Playing without an O-Ring?

I have a YYF Plastic Grind Machine. I have had it for over a month, and one day when I was playing with it an O-Ring came out. I tried using modeling glue to stick it back on, and that worked for about a day or two. When it came off again I just tried playing without it and it worked fine. My question is, is playing witout one O-ring okay for my yoyo?

It wont hurt the yoyo. However as you learn to throw harder you may find that the string slips and the yoyo doesn’t spin as fast as it could. You can buy more stickers or you can try some silicone in it. I’m not certain if the groove is deep enough to hold silicone. Someone else will know.

I’ve re-glued them with a glue stick. Rubber cement also works.

it should accept flowable silicon i have a friend with a pgm and i’ve looked at it’s innards. now did only one fall out or both? because if you have one you should still be fine but if both are gone you wont be able to bind or throw it because the string will just slip out.

It’s time to replace your response.

I siliconed my friend’s PGM and it’s working fine. I’m going to silicone my PGM when it comes time to get it done.

Ya, it definitely works. It might slip though :P.