A few mod questions :)

Ok so I want to polish my atmosphere rings, I know how, but should I use Brass Polish? Or what kind of polish?

How do I make home made Friction Stickers?

What do I do if I lose a bearing ;).

Where can I find a Cotton Glove. And what kind of area would it be in?(Art and paint supplies? Work gloves? Ect?)

I can only truly answer the last two.

You buy a new bearing if you lose one :confused: You could probably steal some from a skateboard or something but I don’t know if it will fit in a yoyo.

You can buy any kind of Nylon Glove to use really. I know people who bought Nylon “wedding or parade” gloves off amazon and use them. You could try these gloves, I just googled them, I haven’t had an experience with that - Although I might have to cause they look fairly nice.

p.s If I shouldn’t link to amazon I’ll take the link out.

Edit: After searching some more, Check out Billiard Gloves. They seem to fit the bill as well.

Use Mother’s aluminum polish.

Buy a new bearing.

Nevr-Dull metal polish

Or Mother’s as noted

There’s a couple of topics here that describe it. take a look around.

Order a new one from here. Or check your local hobby shop. They usually stock them in the RC cars area.

Check the hardware store.

If you want to make a friction sticker buy a log punch and punch them out of fabrics tape etc.

You mean a hole punch? If that’s not what you mean where can I get a Log Punch?

I think he’s refering to a gasket punch set.

Oh, ok ;).

i ment pog punch they use to sell them at BILLYBOB’S BAIT & TACKLE EMPORIUM

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One thing I’m not still sure about. I see that I need Aluminum Polish for my rings. But aren’t the atmosphere rings Brass? Just making sure because I thought I read they were different than most other YYJ rings.

All polished and good! My atmosphere looks great, but since it was dinged it doesn’t look great. :wink: EDIT* Oxymoron :stuck_out_tongue: it doesn’t look AS good as it would without dings.

sorry man just trying to help some people. Won’t happen again though

I think everyone has done that once or twice…