Yyj ring polishing

Is it possible to polish the rings on a yyj Atmosphere? If so how? Thanks ;D

Mirror polish?

Yes - the same way you polish any metal yoyo. It may help to mask off the plastic.

Are you saying I can’t do it on a plastic/metal throw? If that’s what your saying then how do i loosen up the rings?

Use masking tape to cover the plastic so you don’t get polish on the plastic. That’s what “mask the plastic” means.

Well? I don’t know how to do it :stuck_out_tongue: what do i use? how do I polish the rings??? Also will putting it in the freezer loosen the rings some?!?

Leave the rings on. Mask the plastic body w/tape. Polish the rings by any accepted method of your choosing. It’s that simple.

I’m pretty sure he is saying to look it up because he doesn’t want to post a tutorial on here.

Mrcnja gave me a tut.