Atmosphere rings loosening


My yyj atmosphere rings are slowly sliding out.??? I can push them back in but then again they slide slowly out??


Maybe silicone it or get new response rings? How long have you had it? Maybe a touch of contact cement will help keep them in place.


I meant the brass weight rings


Use some epoxy or some sort of cement. You’ll want to mark the rings with a pen(whiteboard marker works good for temporary markings) so you can line them up for replacement. Mark at least 2 spots and don’t mark both halves the same so you can clearly put them back where they came from.

The idea is to see if you can pop the rings off completely, use the glue or cement sparingly, and then press the ring back on and line them up immediately. Remove the axle from it and let it cure over-night. Place the yoyo rim down and weigh it down with a heavy book(dictionaries work best).

If you can’t remove the rings, use a glue with the finest application tip you can find.

You may find simply pressing the rings back in place really hard will be sufficient. I’ve had this happen to my Speeder 2.


So far their fixed thanks alot studio!


Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope. The rings of an Atmosphere are supposed to come off. And rubber cement won’t work since nothing will stick to celcon plastic, that is why the rings are press fitted instead of glued in. A change in climate or heat can cause the plastic to expand letting the weight rings wiggle out.


Would sticking the throw in the refrigerator for a bit help snug them back up? Just remembering my grade school science experiments.


And a BONK on the tile lol so far their fine I’m not Going to do anything if they come out I’ll push them back in, Thanks For The Advice Guys!


Interesting about the use of glues and adhesives against Celcon. Thanks for enlightening me. I will suggest nails and staples for the future!

Just kidding. Screws all the way!

I think YYJ needs to check out some of their models. This and the Speeder 2 aren’t the only model with these problems. The Hitman pro has this too.


This is bound to happen when you connect metal and plastic on a yoyo, impacts, climate change, there’s a lot of reasons why this would happen. Even simply unscrewing the yoyo to many times can loosen the rings.


I seem to remember a thread on YoYoNation a couple of ears ago by IV relating to this. He fixed his Atmosphere by heating it up in hot water (to soften the plastic slightly) and then pressing each half down on a table to seat the rims.


They fell off because he was trying to dye his yoyo. He just popped them back in.