Flat Rim Landing...?


I was just checking stuff out here and there and I remembered something I did once with my Dark Magic. I’m not sure what trick I was doing, but when I meant to land the yoyo on the string like usualy, I ended up landing it on the edge of the rims, where it’s flat, and it stayed there. I can draw a picture if you guys don’t know what I mean.

Anyways, has anybody else done this or know about it?


Yeah, when I used to suck at landing stuff on strings, I always hit my DM on the rims. its kinda funny. If you saw my weird drawing of a yoyo that I would like to have as a signature, you would see curved rims. Those are meant for the landing on the string.

Search “Dark Decadence” and you will find it.

Don’t do it anymore though, I’m so accurate, that I can do eli hops with a looper :stuck_out_tongue:


Dark Decadence…weird. Ha.

Yeah same here. I only hit the rims every once in a while.


Back from over 120 days ago, I made this thingy: (lol get the 120 days ago part?)

Yep, new gen string grinding. :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. I know it the yoyo won’t work out because of lots of things. I made it over 120 days ago!

(Astrojax) #5

that is possible for modding.


Haha I have two ideas for what that reference is to and either of them make sense. =)

But yeah that’s what I was talking about, except with just a regular yoyo with flat rims.


But ILLY DID make the Noctu work :wink:

(Zer0) #8

also the little groove thing for multiple layers probabley wouldnt work or have the string slow down the yoyo


What does the Noctu have to do with this? o.0

Btw Zer0F3AR, how would the groove slow down the yoyo? Its like a schmoove ring that I didn’t know existed when I made it. And didn’t I tell you that I knew that it wouldn’t work out, and that I made it over 120 days ago? :stuck_out_tongue:


Well if you look at the Noctu, it does have slightly curved parts in the middle of each half. Just not enough for a string to land on.


yeah, I have done this on a Dark Magic, a Speed Beetle, Pulse and a F.A.S.T. 201.
F.A.S.T. 201back when I first got itback in 2004.
the “Dark Decadence” and the Noctu look kinda alike.


I remember seeing this back when I was a guess. I thought it would be pretty sweet and fun idea at the time :stuck_out_tongue:


Someone should just KK the rims of their dm. that would be sweet. I would be up to doing it, but i dont have a dm…


That’s a great idea if somebody wants to do it.


I have a noctu, I did actually land it on the inner side of the rim.
It is possible to do if you tilt the yoyo.