I think I have a good Idea for a yo.

Ok so the otherday I was doing some thumb grinds with my 888 and I was looking at the inside rim of the yoyo and started thinking hmmm, if they put a groove on the inside edge of the lip getting your thumb to stay in there would be a ton easier( I dont know if this has been done or not). Now some major company is gonna make millions of my idea haha jk.

I don’t see the need for this. The 888 already has a huge lip you can thumb grind on, and I just don’t see how a groove would make them a whole lot better.

It’s a cool idea though, just not needed.

No I know the 888 has a huge lip I am talking smaller lipped yoyos might would help begginers and such.

Dude, you gotta get a CLYW, they all have little wall around the inner hub to help with thumb grinding!

Companies do things like this already. It just depends on the design of their yoyo.

Yah I just noticed that the Guy Wright Spyy Punchline has one I believe.