new yoyo for the 3 month old

i have been yoyoing for about 3 months. i have a lyn fury and a speeder(regrets on the last). i love the lyn fury. i want to move on to yoyos that are of higher quality so that i can continue harder tricks.(currently i am working on cold fusion in the advanced part 2) i was looking at maybe DM, Hitman, or X-Convict… but I also think maybe of going straight into all metal yoyos. maybe a hectic or dv888? idk. can anyone give me some advice on where i should be looking? all i know so far is that i like the double o-ring response on the lyn fury (dont like the hybrid as much, maybe cuz the speeder just sucks). thanks for the replies!

Honestly you could stick with the Lyn and learn eveything you ever wanted to. You dont really need a new yoyo in order to progress. I think a good yoyo for you (since you like the lyn) would be the Hitman. It is basically a Lyn fury with metal rims

You could learn everything on your Lyn Fury but some of us like myself love to collect yoyos and not just learn tricks.

If you want to buy something feel free to and don’t let anyone tell you JUST LEARN IT ON YOUR LYN FURY.

Waiting for new throws is exciting and enjoyable and it’s a part of the hobby.

Here is a mod that can make your speeder play much better: Take out the oring and silicone it.

Here is how to silicone a yoyo:

Then  put some shims, try taking out the caps with a suction cup, give it a different feel. Try these mods, they will make the speeder play much better.

hitman if you want to go into hybrid yoyos. boss if you want a stackless metal
888x if you want a stacked metal

There is a dual-o ring version.

Stick with the Lyn and if you want it to become unresponsive mod it. Also if you choose a metal the dv888 is a great choice

i didn’t mean hybrid response, i meant metal plastic hybrid