Lyn Fury

So I’ve been throwing for almost a year now and I wanna get a cheap plastic to kinda re-spark my throwing enjoyment. I have heard some really good things about the Fury and I know that a few of you guys here like it. So what is it like, how does it play, what’s the spin time like? I heard it comes with two bearings but I’m not sure.

It’s a fine yo-yo. The spin time is going to be better on a metal rimmed or all metal yo-yo though if that’s what you’re looking for. They cost a bit more but any of the metal rimmed YoYoJams may fit your needs better. Good luck!

I’m not looking for OUTSTANDING performance, that’s kinda why I decided to get a plastic, that and the fact that I have metal rimmed yoyo that I think I use to often and causes mr to neglect my other throws.

I love the Lyn Fury. Cheap, durable, loads of fun. If you want it full responsive, yank the o-rings and then silicone it. You may or may not need to use shims. I don’t on mine or at least it appears I don’t. I do have Dif-E-o Shims and YYJ shims. I’m getting a second Lyn Fury to keep stock, just for comparison purposes. Different color too. My Black/blue will be my unresponsive, and when I get a red/black, that will be kept stock. I have an older greenish-blue/black that’s before the Solid Spin axle, not sure what I’m going to do to that. It’s stock right now.

It’s not my daily or go-to throw, but I don’t hesitate to go for it. I’d recommend this to anyone.