DIE-NASTY or Lyn fury

Which one is your favorite.
if you can post why! ;D

Lyn fury for the price is perfect…Good sleep time.I make 1 and half minutes(and for me is enough to do combos).You can put another bearing if you don’t like the stock one…Grinds are good.I prefer it to die nasty.

Well, for out of the box play, i will prefer die-nasty, unresponsive out of the box and a center track comes in standard.
Lyn fury also an awsome yoyo, but im my opinion it may need upgrade or tune up.

i have a lyn and all i did was clean the bearing from out of the box and it plays GREAT. now whenever someone comes to me and tells me they want a good throw without breaking the bank i always tell them a lyn. i’ve gotten like five kids to get lyns and they are all impressed on the bang they get for the buck. it’s capable of lots of tricks. a GREAT yoyo to get a start on yoing

thx but i am not just geting started :stuck_out_tongue:
i am looking for a good cheap yoyo because i need string and my dad gave me some money
maybe i should have said that earlier

then buy string? :wink:

no i mean i was going to get string so i am geting a yoyo to

oh well yeah. i’d go for the lyn. i think it gives the best bang for the buck. it’s a way good throw for the cheap price.

I think u should buy a Die-nasty, then, play till it get broken, at that, buy a lyn fury and you’ll have a lyn with Centre Trac :smiley:

They are both great throws, I have both of them and love them. Either way, they are about the same price, give or take a $1, and both play nice. No matter what one you pick you will probably be happy.

I like the DIE-NASTY for 5a, but a Lyn Fury for 1a. DIE-NASTYs come w/ a center trac(which I don’t like. Too loud and short lives) and an H-Shape. Lyn Fury is more fundemental than the DIE-NASTY.