New Yoyo choosing

whats a good yoyo to upgrade from a dm2?

We need more information of what are you looking for… But, Dv888 are great and the lowest cost for an all metal yoyo.

Preference? Like at least tell us the price limit.

if u like the dm well then the trinity is perfect.

If you don’t say any preference, here’s m suggestion. Go buy a Leviathan 2 or Ti-Walker.

Check out the yyf fundametals… ( California, tactic, hectic, dv888, lunatic…) Or eneme, ai, any clyw, or one drop…

Get it and you’ll be happy:

well i guess im looking for a yoyo that has good balance, long spin time, smooth and plays fast on the string. for money umm around 0 to 100 dollars is my price range

Every yoyo around 100 bucks is stable, smooth, and has a nice balance. Probably a 888x because you wanted a fast playing yoyo and yes, it is stable, spins long etc.

man i beg to god do not get an 888x just get something similar in shape get a MMN it will last you a long time

what is an MMN

MMN means MarkMontNext. Yeah sure MMN might fit you.

You can try out Rec Rev, they are full size and on the heavier side if that is your flavor and relatively inexpensive for how well they perform. Or if you like undersized, nearly any fundametal will work nice. Like the Chaotic for example as it plays real fast and is a really long stable spinner. Or at a higher price range the ST Quark is pretty awesome because it has full size weight and yet is undersized. Or the Spyy Supra, which is really really really good and plays fast.

Whats wrong with an 888x? its very smooth and fast on the string. I wouldn’t consider it incredibly stable with insane sleep times like my sasquatch but its definitely not a bad throw. I can do any trick with an 888x that I can with my other yoyos, and really isnt that all that matters? I love the mmn but if you take care of your 888x it will last just as long.

Yes, joeyoshmoeyo, I don’t get why not 888x. Smooth, fast, good at every thing. MMN really doesn’t make much a difference.