New Yo-yo

I have $70 to spend on a yo-yo and am wondering if any of you have suggestions.

Preferences: Small or Medium size
Round shape or deep cut

Please give suggestions. Btw i already have a CLYW Campfire, YYF G5, And a Lunatic so dont suggest those. Thanks guys you rock!

cal or a beysick :wink:

Have you looked at an M1? You might be able to find one somewhere. Not exactly round, but it is small and slim and lots of fun. Or a Project1 or Project2. They’re more round, but not quite as slim. Those are just what came to mind right away.

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Thanks! Every where i looked M1s are out and Project One and Twos are too expensive… Any other suggestions? BTW the M1 looks perfect but i cant find one… Whats a cal?

YYF california 2010? ;D

Yeah I’ve looked at that but i’m looking for a deeper cut. more like the hectic. But maybe…

Make a post in the BST (Buy/Sell/Trade section) that you want to buy an M1 and you’ll probably get a response very quickly.

add 10 $ and take the YYF BOSS :stuck_out_tongue:

Apetrunk how much should i offer?

The M1 often sells for around $30 on the B/S/T.

Wait i found a Dingo on YoYoGuy. It looks great! Should i get it?

If you want to. Just a heads-up though: it’s pretty small. Whether that’s a good or bad thing is up to you.

I really like small. Btw is it smaller then a CLYW Campfire?

Oh yesh… this yoyo falls in between mini and undersized. It’s like 40 mm in diameter or something.

Addment: h00t 11 PM laziness.