new yo yo

should i go from a duncan 10$ yoyo to a yoyojam $40 yoyo when i am going to intermediate level???

Yes, You could take that step as long as your ready. You should think that your duncan doesnt sleep long enough or you cant do a trick, then you can switch. And lastly, the price of a yoyo doesnt matter- It’s the player


well its your choice
also there are other yoyo options other than the DM( I think since your favorite is the DM)
there is the x-convict,hitman,PGM,and others
but if u fell you are ready for a DM then get one

well you can get a yoyojam if you wan’t to or can just mod a a duncan.

Or you could go in between and get something like a Legacy. It’s made to go from intermediate to advanced. If you can learn a bind return, then you should definitely get an unresponsive yoyo. If you don’t, you’ll be spending more money in the long run when you learn all you can on a cheaper yoyo, then your gonna want to get a Legacy or DM. So, learn bind return then invest into one of the two, and you won’t regret it. :wink:

U will b much happier with a yoyojam yoyo!

If you want to spend in the $10, I suggest tweaking your budget up by $10 more. I highly suggest these yoyos if you are starting in the intermediate range:

YoYoJam Kickside:

YoYoJam Lyn Fury:

YoYoJam Journey:

And probably the best intermediate yoyo of all, the YoYoFactory Velocity:

I agree with Samad you should get 1 of those but add the legacy to the list. ;D ;D ;D ;D

I did not because if he is just intermediate, he probably doesnt know how to bind. Legacy’s are gateway yoyos to unresponsive play, and I know you would say lube the bearing or something, but if it is supposed to be unresponsive, I dont think we should strip it of its purpose.

idk it depense if you feel ready in my opinion. I had a friend who jumped from a freehand to a dark magic, but he sucks. But with alot of practice you could, i would. PS, he just isnt very talented either

Or a FHZ

or you can get the speed maker. or a legacy or a dark knight.

do you mean black knight???

I doubt it. I would totally get the movie instead of all of those!


nice that you are going to intermidiate level of yoyoing i think you should go up to YYJ (yoyojam)

40$ (dollars) it might have more spin time than 10 $ (dollars) yoyos AND MIGHT HELP MORE WITH THE TRICKS !!!

hope it helps

Yes, but most of those bearings will go unresponsive pretty fast which is why we didnt recommend them. Also, the plastics mentioned can do all of the tricks YYJ Bi-Metals can.