New to the sport, looking to upgrade

Hey all,

I just recently got back into the yo yo recently, so i went out and bought a Duncan Pro Z. But though im not real practiced i feel as though the yoyo’s performance might be affecting my learning curve. (being as i dont know how a stellar yoyo performs)
Can any one suggest a yoyo that may be better to learn with, or maybe the Pro Z is great and i am just that bad. lol

Im particularly interested in wing style yoyos and really want to start off not spending more then $15 on the equipment

Any suggestions would be awesome!


What are you looking to upgrade from?
What level of tricks are you at right now?

We can get a better idea of how to answer your question with that information provided.

And welcome to the world of yoyoing, and the forum by the way!


sorry about that i accidently hit the post button a little prematurely. I would rate myself probably beginner - intermediate.

I’ve seen alot of talk around the forum regarding the Dv888 or the protostar, but id like to start a little lower down the cost ladder until i know its something i want to invest in.


The ProZ is good for basics, but if you want to move on a bit for something that will last you a while, I would recommend picking up a yoyojam kickside. Plays responsive, but a quick clean of the bearing turns it into a nice semi unresponsive player that will last you a while. And a low price that works for many.


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For a beginner I would suggest a yyf whip, one or hubless grind machine. Welcome to yoyoing

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am i incorrect in my assumption that Yomega is like the Huffy of yoyo’s?

It depends on what you want to spend.

The YoYoFactory Fast 201 and Velocity allow you to change the gap through twisting or a dial. Great for noobs, but you’re a little bit past there. The Speed Dial is $20 if you get a B-stock, and is metal with plastic rims, but again, you’re past this. Normally the Speed Dial sells for around $40.

The Kickside, Speed Maker and Lyn Fury can easily be “upgraded” with several simple “DIY” mods that require little skill or tools, such as siliconing and/or cleaning the bearing out. At under $20 each, a good way to start.

The YYF ONE is a great starter with the 2-bearing package. The slim bearing gets you started, the thicker bearing gets you to advanced. It’s a bit light though. The surface on the newer 2012 model is great for learning grinds.

If you’re willing to spend a bit more, the YoYoJam Legacy II uses the same concept as the one: 2 bearings: slim for responsive play, a full sized bearing for unresponsive modern play. At $25 or so, it’s what I recommend. Similarly is the $27 Chaser, which does the same thing but in a different shape and a lot heavier, which you may like.

If you’re willing to spend more, there’s plenty in the range of the Dark Magic II, including the Dark Magic II, which I also personally recommend and is a personal favorite of mine at least.

There’s great stuff under $20 for unresponsive play, including the Starbrite, PSG and Asteroid. Even the YYF Whip at $10 is a decent throw, but like the ONE, is too light for my preferences.

Don’t forget many of the throws I’ve mentioned already include 2 bearings, so without spending more, you’re already able to upgrade with the included full-sized bearings.

Some good plastics to also consider when you get to unresponsive play are the Protostar, Northstar and even the DieNasty. Once you do get to unresponsive play, you may also wish to explore metals.

In the meantime, find something decent you can live with for a bit and then settle down and learn your fundamentals. The Legacy II I find is ideal for this. Get your act down a bit, then you can swap out the bearing and learn unresponsive play.

Then again, the ProZ can be set up to be unresponsive. I did that to one of mine and I really enjoy it. It’s not a go-to item, but it sure is a lot of fun just the same!


ehh somewhat. yomega is a good company and all, but most players prefer a higher class brand.

for a beginner to intermediate player I personally recommend a YoYoFactory ONE since it ships with an A bearing (slim for responsive play) and a C bearing (unresponsive play). Also, they’re nearly indestructible. And they’re only $10!

Whatever you pick, you may want to pick up some slick 6 or polyester string here at YYE and some lube. Thin lube if you’re planning to move on to unresponsive play soon (meaning using the C bearing. only do this if you can bind) or thick if you’re planning to stick with responsive play for awhile. ;D

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They are both size C.

i searched huffy, and if it means what i think it means, (cheapo) then most defenitly

Don’t totally toss Yomega in the dust. They have some new stuff that’s a lot better than their previous batch of offerings. They even have some stuff in the “higher end range” that might be worth checking out.

oh, then i apologize to yomega. all the yomega I’ve tried is raider, (which actually wasn’t half bad for looping when modded) Xoudous 2, Xoudous, Fire Ball, Hyperwarp heavywing, and brain.
i have yet to try the ouch yo, or any of their metals though, so i take back what i said, i had voiced an uninformed opinion.