New Watts Top

I received my Watt’s top today. I’m going to try later outside with armor on.


DO IT!!! Watt’s are fun!!!

If you need any tip on how to throw it, just answer :slight_smile: I can give some advice :)…

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Only advice I can offer is make sure behind you is clear if you boomerang to hand. I tugged a little early and the string was still wrapped on the top once, literally flew over my head and missed a glass door wall by about 8”. Hit the brick wall instead (which left a nice love mark in the top :slight_smile:)


Yeah it flew over my head the first time too. I thought it’d be heavier! lol

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I’d love any advice! Thanks!

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Depending on the string size you use. you’ll need to adapt your throw. From standard trompo style ( like tip pointing upward ) to bowling style ( tip pointing right ). You want to throw lightly, and the pull back using your whole arm and shoulder in a controled manner, you don’t want to jerk the top around… If you get a string snag, run for cover…

Don’t use a pair of glasses that you care about and do not DO corkscrew at all :stuck_out_tongue: This can lead to a friggin top in your face :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want, I can make a video on how I throw at some point but you’re going to experiment. My 2nd top, I never was able to throw it. the tip is too small & I use a too small string for regenerating it… I need to play with string size but never had the time to make one…

That’s all I have right now!
Post some video if you want.
Tops are amazing


Thanks for the tips. So far in the few tries I have made I nearly landed it once. I saw the bowling style throw done by “Dazzling Dave” and gave it a try. I’d love to see a video when you get around to it. Posting a video of myself at the moment would just be hysterical.

I’ll try to make you one tonight ( BUT I don’t have a gopro so, quality will be awful )


I just filmed some footage… No ideas how this will turn out!!

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Here it is :

Keep me posted if it helpful!
Good luck



Very informative video! I didn’t know about the wrap around your wrist to hold the string. Can’t wait to get home from vacation to try that!

Brilliant, thanks so much for that! It’ll be quite helpful. I’ll try to post a video when I get it going.

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That was excellent, thank you! It was also very cool when the director did a walk through, just like Alfred Hitchcock!

Thanks Sir

Thanks!!! The think I didn’t cover is string… now I realise that I should have done maybe… Do you have a neffy string twister ?

Hehe :slight_smile: yep… they don’t care about top, my dauther received on electrick behing her head 2 years ago when I was starting :slight_smile:

Yes I’d like to know more about the string. It came with cotton rope. Using your shown technique I’ve been able to catch the top a good number of times, but it doesn’t appear to spin very fast (or long). I don’t have a neffy string twister, I’ve been using a drill and a couple of hooks to make string. What do you recommend for string?

Now that I’ve used it a couple of times it’s starting to get dinged up. I’m also not fond of the color scheme. I think I’m going to paint everything beneath the yellow top band bright red. It matches my costume colors as well that way.

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What I’ve found works well is is 6 cotton 10 thread times 4 ply, so 24 total strand. You probably can do 3x 8 and it would work okay!!!

This is the video I learned from.

This is my favorite string to do this

Coats Crochet & Floss 154-421 Aunt Lydia’s Crochet, Cotton Classic Size 10, Goldenrod

I found that the dye do change a lot in the texture and how the string react when being twisted!!!

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