I figured it out how to throw a spin top

Hello everyone!
Today was a great Day ! Finally thrown a spin top right. Yesterday I was practicing, but I kept screwing it up. Spin top kept on landing sideways or upside down.
After learning on the forum here, and trying to do it right this time, I did it!
Yesterday I bought 3mm cotton string . I realised it was duo to my technique and string length . My other string was too short and a bit thick.
So after I learned alot on the forum, and bought new string, it was time to practice!
Just like you say Neff, pretend you are like a robot, and not too slow :slight_smile:
Kept these things in mind and threw an (almost) perfect spinner!
After all the trouble with throwing a top, learning the right technique, I am finally ready to learn more! I can balance it on my hand for a few seconds too.
What I learned : tip facing upwards, throw like you would a frisbee, steady, aim for the floor. Release top when it crosses your body.
Thank you all for great support and lessons :smile:
There are not that many tutorials online , or good information on spin tops.
This forum and People helpen me alot!


Congrats! I’m glad you got it figured out!


Thank you :smile:

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Well done! Next learn how to control it


I watched alot of your video’s to get better at spinning tops :smile:
You are like a spin top guru to me!
I’ll try to get as good as you are.
practice is the key!


Chris is also a movie star. See if you can find a copy of Duncan Toys, “How to be a Player Vol.2” on line or DVD. This is from Vol. 1, just so know it’s legit, Steve Brown eats Ramen noodles.


never could get the boomerrang return down…i feel the need to dust off my duncan b.king.

also, takeshi is king!



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Do it! boomerang is a gateway trick, you will not know how you did without it once you get it down. Like the Duncan guys will tell you, just practice outside or at a friend’s house.

You can do it! Never give up, and indeed, like Kevinm says, practice OUTSIDE.
I’m a beginner to top throwing, and I landed it, so you can do it for sure :slight_smile:
Like the people at Itopspin.com told me: a graceful arch of the wrist. Don’t pull back, it’s like you out a fish with a fishing line! They taught me, and now, I will teach you :wink:
Many greets

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found the video’s on YouTube!
dowloaded it, so I can watch it on my tablet :slight_smile:
sure I’m gonna learn a LOT!
thanks for the link, pal :):+1:

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