3 Top tips for beginners

Since the spin top forum has been on fire lately, and I have been trying to get some tricks down that require me to practice a bunch, I wanted to pass along three tips I learned the hard way.

  1. Get more than one type of top, and strings too. It will take you a lot of practice to even get started, and just as with yo-yos, tops all feel different to throw. You will need to experiment.
  2. Practice outside some. This took me years to figure out, but I kinda choke, especially with heavier tops, if I am inside. This, I believe , is rooted in a fear of destroying my condo and drawing the ire of my wife.
    Throwing outside really helped me a bunch with fixed tip tricks.
  3. Find someone better skilled that can help you. Maybe you think no one else on earth throws, but on the plus side, if you find anyone who does, they will be better than you if you are just learning.
    On this subject, if you have any interest at all about throwing tops and you are going to be in Cleveland for worlds, there will be some folks there that would be happy to help you get started.

Espcially with BIG TOPS :slight_smile: Lately I’ve been throwing sooly my 4" watt top… yeah… snap back on boomerang can be quite catastrophic inside… outside it’s just DUCK!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


One of my first attempts with my 4” Watts the string was still wrapped on the top when I pulled to boomerang. Went over my head and straight for the sliding glass patio door. It hit the bricks about 8” to the right of the door. I remember watching the whole thing like it was in slow motion.

Good tips in these posts, especially the one about more than one top. The difference from one top to another is much greater than the difference in yoyos in my opinion.

And @paxl13 post some of your videos here! This guy is seriously good.


Top do indeed feels different. The sad part is tho that if you are into regeneration type of play, on the market there isn’t a lot of top avail to you. I’d be frank, the best one “usually” availlable is the Spintastic Quicksilver Hybrid… BUT. I would never give that top to a beginner. Way to heavy…

Here is a video of me playing my custom made 3 incher in delrin

And since we are on the subject of the Watt’s top

I’m progressing still but to be fair, I am obsessed by 0A these days… What happened is that I don’t have any flooring inside where I can throw on… =(

Anyway, let it be anyone have any question, I can try to answer them…