New Video from Alex Berenguel - Skyways


thats all i have to say about that

Just awesome.

Some of the best throwing I’ve seen in a long time.

That was awsome!

I love hap kido
and how you named it after a karate style
hap kido is the best karate style

I’m baffled.

black helicopter is amazing

it would be, yes… if it were only a style of karate and not a distinct, korean martial art.

this video is phenomenaller than maya angelou’s book, “phenomenal woman”, which was pretty phenomenal.

Wow O_O And in the dark too!

that was sick

Your by far my new favorite CLYW player!


Welcome to the forum

WOW… Loved black helicopter. It made me go :o

also hap kido developed while combining piece of other karate and etc. to it