Check out my newest video! Had a lot of fun editing it and it shows, if you guys want tuts for anything you see just let me know. Tell me what you think!


You have some nice tricks there!
I honestly wasnt expecting much simply because the title of your topic almost sounds like someone being all “OMG GUYZ LOOK AT MY VIDOEOEEEOEO!” but you had some nice stuff in there.
Thank you for sharing!

You had time to do all those effects and yet the scenes that actually needed some effects (low lighting aquarium scene) you didn’t do anything.

Good video for the most part but I kinda wished you coulda done more with some parts of it and less on other parts. Just my 2 cents. (maybe make it a negative at the aquarium to make it more viewable)

Dude I know I played with the colors in the aquarium shot trying to get the string to show up better but I couldn’t get it to come out like I wanted and it wasn’t that serious of a video so I just let it go this time. Short of making the whole scene negative how can I make the string pop more in low lighting??

Isle of Palms,SC ?