new trick: finger tangle

hey guys this is my 6th day yoyoing and i learned plastic whip and got bored so i played with it a bit and learned to make it cool so check this vid out on how to do it its awesome

Nice trick! I learned it!


Cool, a one-handed brain twister.

okay, there is another trick that is almost exactly the same.
lols this trick is called “six shoot”, and its called “gun slinger” for 3a.
But the way you get into the mount for six shoot is from split bottom mount or a trapeze, and this is from a plastic whip. I guess its a variation of six shoot.

Soz mate, it was made up already :frowning:

But yeah, finding it out on your own is quite good for 6 days :slight_smile:

Very nice trick. Made up a trick in on your 6th day? Your a fast learner. Great job, keep up the great work. :smiley: