Mazal tov

That’s how basically every trick is. People just getting into yoyoing can’t imagine how you could land one back on the string. People that have been yoyoing for some time can’t imagine how they could get their yoyo to sleep for so long. People that have been yoyoing for a little longer can’t imageine how they could make up their own tricks.

CONGRATS!!! i had trouble with that one too!! now master your slack trapeze! its really hard and impossible at first and then one day it comes to you and you think “how the hell was this so hard?”

I don’t know why but the plastic whip came pretty easy for me. I was hitting it consistently after less than a dozen throws.

I’ve been trying slack trapeze but so far, it’s mostly been a sideways, one-hand bind for me if not outright misses. I don’t seem to be getting the slack loop to catch on the non-throwing hand.

Plastic whip and Hook just kinda “clicked” after a while. I guess thats how slack tricks are

I remember the days when i praciced that trick. I had a good stragey. Throw the string and pray to god.

haha, hows your foot? Better? Not staying up all night and posting on forums?

goto rethinkyoyo.com if you want to learn slack trapeze. it helped me alot

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Try Brent stole! I can do so many hard tricks but the one icant do which seems so dumb to me, is I can’t do Brent stole!!


that has a wicked tutortial for Brent Stole… i cant do it it all :-[

Slack trapeze was THE easiest advanced trick for me. I got it every single time.

LUCKY!!! i still can`t fully get it 8)

Boingy boingy is the hardest trick known to man. Just saying.

I messed up. The trick I was thinking of was actually lacerations. I didn’t realize I was thinking of the wrong trick until I checked out the video on the link you provided. I’ve never actually tried slack trapeze so I’ll have to give it a go.

Boingy boingy seems to be one of those timing/feel kind of things which I don’t seem to have. I haven’t been able to get it yet. The best I’ve been able to do was 3-4 boingys but I haven’t been able to do it again.

I thought this was a given. :stuck_out_tongue: