New to the Forums / Christmas Yo-Yos

Hello everyone!

As the thread name says, I’m new to posting on the forums but have been here since 2008. I figured with the free time between my classes I would get to know some people and as a few questions about yoyoing. So on to the Yoyo question!

I was wondering if anyone has had the opportunity to use a Yomega PRODIGY. With Christmas around the corner I have been looking to spend a bit of cash to get myself a nice present. I honestly haven’t looked to hard (or at all) on the forum for a review about it. The question for the people who have used it is how does it feel overall and would you recommend it?

Also I would love to here what some you guys have your eyes on for a Christmas Yoyo for yourself or friends.

I got to go back to studying but I look forward to any responses after my next class is over :slight_smile:

Happy Throwing!

I’m looking forward to buying myself a Yeti I hear there supposed to release around Christmas time.

Lol Totally realized its Veterans day after I posted that. I guess I don’t have class today at all! Happy day!

Still look forward to your responses while I get some early morning reading done.

Try going to the review section and searching “yomega prodigy”. If there’s not a review there then you can definitely find one by just googling it

I haven’t have the chance to use a CLYW yoyo. Just looked up the Yeti though and it looks sick!

The Prodigy is good, but there are SOOOO many other good yo-yos out there. Take your time.

Pretty much any modern throw over 80 is gonna be fantastic.

Yea I honestly used this post as an excuse to see what people are looking to get for Christmas :P.
Was actually looking into a review right now.

Yea the Yeti is a ton of fun to throw my freind owns one. And its pretty cheap for a CLYW

I guess my morning reading is going to come from reading responses :). I have been looking into a few yo-yos that’s just one of the many I have been looking at.

Yeah the Prodigy is in my top 3 favorites. However its currently on the bench, I need more quality bearings.

That’s excellent to hear! No so much about the bearing part but to be in your top three sounds great.
All the reviews I’ve read about it so far are pretty darn good.

me? For chirstmas I’m eyeing a mustache man Chik! Or gradient. That and 100 orange kitty strings.