With the holidays fast aproaching...


Hello all! I am new to the Yo-yo community (4 weeks now) and need some help with what to request the woman to purchase for me for Christmas. I am currently throwing a Maverick which has been great. I am plowing through the Learn section, finishing up the intermediate section just this past week. I have already asked for a DM2 but I would like to add 2-3 more onto the list so I don’t need to get anything for a while outside of maintenance/strings. I’m not sure how I feel about looping yet so maybe If you could suggest a cheaper one to test the waters with. I would also like one to have hub stacks and the final one to just be something different to throw, idk. Thanks for the help, even tho i know it’s only October :stuck_out_tongue:

1: DM2
2: Grind Machine
3: ?
4: ?


Ok so you want 3 more yoyos to add to your list you want stacks and would like to try looping. I have 3 yoyos to advise.

  1. First the c3yoyodesign do base it is a great yoyo that will perform with anything including 100 dollar throws

  2. If you do want stacks get the yoyo factory grind machine it is very cheap and is a lot of fun to play

  3. A pair of Duncan proyos the come with mod spacers so if you don’t like looping you can put those on and try 3a or just have to yoyos to do 1a

Hope I help and welcome to the sport


I’m in the same boat. She wants to get me something kinda “special” so I guess this is our chance to request something on the boutique or competition-grade even if we don’t plan to compete. :wink:


well if your in this boat ask for a c3 yeah3


Thanks for the input!

That grind machine looks great! and you cant beat that price ::added to list::
Di Base looks good too but the Colorway is throwing me off.

(SR) #6

Look into the protostar by yyf and the capless by c3.


There’s SO much to choose from.
First: I’ve never bothered to buy a yoyo with stacks, though just about everyone i’ve talked to have said that stacks get old really fast.
I would go for the C3yoyodesign Halo. Its the same price as the Di Base, though machined from delrin. That equals just about no dings or visible scratches. So its more failsafe, you might say. And its more stable, which makes it easier to use, especially when you’re learning new tricks and segments.
And then you have the new YoYoJam Trigger, which at about half the price is said to be GREAT.


i’m probably about a half step ahead of you, so taking me serious might not be the smartest thing to do, but my advice for you is to buy a bucket full of magicyoyos. my first yoyo was a maverick, followed by a n9, and i am absolutely not regretting my choice. these things are cheap, good quality and they come in various shapes and sizes, that’s good for someone who hasn’t really figured out his preferences in terms of yoyo properties.

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I would say a DNA.

It is the best yoyo to learn on IMO.

Hardly dings, if you worry about that kind of thing.

Although it is on the expensive side, it is worth every dollar.

Another suggestion would be the Werrd Hour.

This thing is a very good competition yoyo, so if you do that kind of thing, or plan on it, I’d get that while it’s still on sale.

The hour is also hard to ding, just in case you were wondering.

Hope this helps!


If you’re going to do the DNA thing, maybe you should get mine. It’s just not my style and. Saving up cash right now.
Hit me up if interested



when you figure out how to bind the di base is great that and the legacy 2 which i own is extremely smooth it comes with a spec bearing so you can finish up some other tricks plus it has great color combinations plus it wont bust your budget ;D


PGM is a great choice for a hubstacked yoyo. I’d check out the Trigger also for a main player–it’s probably better than DMII for most purposes. If you want like an awesome yoyo, go for a Code 2. As for loopers, get a couple of Loop 808’s–they’re new on the market and designed to be a good, affordable looper.

Edit: Oh, and if you insist on getting a YYJ Bi-metal, make it an SFX rather than a DMII. It’s one of the best yoyos I’ve ever owned, up there with high-end metals and even surpassing many of those I’ve tried. I don’t know why it went out of vogue, it’s just all-around awesome and anyone who has one would say the same if they knew what they were talking about.


DM2 is great!

But the other recommendations are great, too. Gotta catch’em all. Or something.


I can’t recommend the Trigger enough, just got back into yoyos after not touching one for years, and the Trigger has really gotten me back into it.


The DM2 is a solid standard. Good choice.

Can’t see the need for the PGM, but hey, I have one too. Stacks can be fun.

What next? Too many choices. Protostar? Trigger? DiBase? Halo(get yourself some delrin!)? Do you go down in price but stay high on fun? How low you want to go? How high can you get? I can play a Classic all day with a large bearing in it and have a great time. Chaser is an option, as is the PSG and Asteroid. Lyn Fury with siliconing is great. I’m only not recommending the Legacy II because you’re getting the DM2. Do you want to mix up sizes and shapes? I find variety is great. You will too, even when you have preferences. Consider some of the God Tricks stuff, it’s great at low prices. Budget in price but not in performance.

Too many good choices. It’s all dependent on price and preferences.