New Titanium from Vosun – The Koreyoshi!


Vosun is at it again with an all new titanium yo-yo – The Koreyoshi!

The Koreyoshi is similar to the original Vosun titanium, The TiMe, but with a few design tweaks that make a big difference in play!

The cup is the most noticeable difference in this new design. The Koreyoshi has a flat center hub to reduce center weight and a shallow groove around it that improves its fingerspin abilities. It plays fast, stable, and has a light feel on the string while the rim heavy design provides an excellent spin time that will breeze through any combo!


So the rims are titanium as well or are they SS?


Nice! :slight_smile: looks good!


The rims are titanium, just polished.


Has anyone tried this yet? :slight_smile: any thoughts? :slight_smile:


I think there was 6 to start and now there is 5. With 2day shipping he might have gotten it today or tomorrow. Now we wait.


Can’t wait to see what they think! :slight_smile: hopefully they post something :slight_smile: