Sinister Yoyos Presents: Yoyo Innovations


Not sure what the angle was but I enjoyed it. Felt like a s-post on titanium yo-yos being pointless which I won’t argue against. Also watched your d bearing video and it was hilarious.

This was pretty great! :laughing:

Honestly im kind of ambivalent about the ‘ping’. At first I thought that it was awesome that the yoyo would make a cool high pitched note every time the yoyo made contact with the string, but after practicing with it for an hour or more, it almost gets annoying. It’s like stfu yoyo, I don’t want you to celebrate EVERY move I make. There is definitely a difference in the feel vs aluminum, and while it is nice to have one, the prices are mostly ridiculous. Sure, the argument that they are more durable is sound, but most people who own Ti yoyos are too scared to even get the slightest ding in their collector’s item, never mind letting loose and actually sparking it proper. Sure, the metal ideally allows for more versatility in design, but because it is more difficult to machine than aluminum, this reality is never fully realized. The different density of the metal allows it to have a feel quite different than an approximate aluminum yoyo, but is it really objectively better? Possibly, but then you have to deal with the ping, which does kind of get old. I feel like there is a reason why even Ti owners love their titaniums, but eventually gravitate back to their favorite aluminums.

Actually when it comes to ‘how a yoyo feels’ while I am throwing it around…

I think Delrin yoyos have much different ‘feel’ on the string; than any other material.

Even easily noticeable on the throwdown and on the catch.

It’s just a slippery/slick characteristic that isn’t duplicated by any other material.

PS… I like titanium yoyos and Ti-bi yoyos because of the performance aspect involving specific weight placements and the resultant power.

I could care about the ping or the ting or the price.

You play you pay…

Free Kleenex to detractors.

I don’t really care about the ping, myself. I was just being silly and ridiculous. I don’t really want my videos to be taken seriously anymore. I’m still going to do the occasional unboxing and review, but I’d rather tell dumb yoyo jokes for now.