New Titanium Yo-Yo! The Vosun TiMe!

“Ti” for the beautiful Titanium alloy we all know and love and “Me” for the individual character and uniqueness that every yo-yo player brings to the sport. We are happy to present the first titanium yo-yo from Vosun – The TiMe!

When you throw well crafted titanium yo-yo you can just feel it. From the way it hits the end of the string, the way it moves through the air, to the way it binds back to your hand – There’s just something special about it. After a few throws with the TiMe you can tell that every aspect of the yo-yo was thought out to give you a high performance yo-yo that will put a smile on your face and quickly make it’s way to the top of your favorite yo-yo list.

The TiMe is smooth on the string, comfortable in the hand, and has a performance that only titanium can offer. It feels right in it’s element maneuvering through tight tech tricks, speedy horizontal play, and whatever else you can throw at it!

Whether you’re looking for your first titanium yo-yo or just one more for the collection, the Vosun TiMe is an excellent choice!