New throw

I’m thinking about getting the Genesis and was wondering what everyones thought was on it. Currently I throw the DM and was wondering if this would be a good choice.

I haven’t tried both of 'em

But from what I see in the specs…
They’re size are about the same, but Genesis is wider and lighter.

And from what I heard from anybody else in this forum…
You will never get wrong with metal yoyo…

If you like the size (diameter) of your DM, just get the Genesis


the genisis is a very good throw, but i would suggest you post your preferences

He probably doesn’t have preferences yet…

Yeah… Its a stackless GM2… and I think my GM2 is amazing… So the Genesis might be a little better do to less center weight

I like my genesis its super smooth and the grinds are nice go for it.

well i want a nice throw that is smooth that i can do grinds with. I like my DM but i don’t care for the hybrid response system and its a little slow in the air. just want something that is better and has longer spin times. That’s why i was looking in to the genesis. just looking for recommendations for my next throw.

My recommendation is to just pick something that’s completely different from your DM so that you can get a feel for what you’re preferences are. (if you don’t have them yet) The Genesis is great I’m sure, and YYF wouldn’t put their name on a bad yoyo. Just pick what looks interesting to you.