Need help regarding the purchase of a new throw. :)

Hey guys, I’d like to ask for some advice regarding the OD Rebirth v. the YYF Genesis 2015. I currently have the Genesis 2012 version, and i love it.

I’m looking for more of a contest oriented throw. Would the Rebirth be able to hold its own against the Genesis 15? That’s where my confusion lies.

My style of 1A is inspired by Paul Han’s style of play, and I’ve come to know that the Genesis is his daily/favorite throw. My concern lies in the possibility of the new Genesis 15 replacing my older Genesis 12, which is $40 more expensive. :confused:

P.S I only have two 1A throws - the C3 Level 6 and the YYF Genesis 2012.

Your opinions will be much appreciated. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I don’t know to much about the genesis 2015, but I do know that he plays with the YYF superstar quite a bit. according to the description of your play style, this would definitely be great option. As for the YYF genesis, I feel as though it’s more a a 5a yoyo, but it’s totally personal preference! :smiley:

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I would go for the onedrop in your position. Just because I’m curious to discover more brands.

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The Genesis is by far the better competition throw. Bigger, heavier, more stable.

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The Rebirth is totally competition worthy. It plays like a full size but you get the benefit of something mid sized. I absolutely love it and highly recommend it. I can’t compare it to the Genesis but I do have an extensive collection to compare it to.

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