Help deciding

I just ordered a genesis off of the expert and I was wondering if that was smart. I am a medium but closer to advanced player and I currently play mostly with a northstar. I was either going to get a genesis or a super g. I ordered a genesis was this smart.

It is an amazing yoyo, also, never look back and ask if it was a good idea. It just does more harm than good. Instead of thinking about what you should have done, think about what you will do. Don’t beat yourself up over something that will not change.

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Ok thanks I had a really hard decision on the two because if one person didn’t like the genesis they liked the super g but the genesis colors are cooler. I got the silver with blue splash.

Lets just say the genesis has been used to win many contest. Very stable throw

Ok thanks so you would take it over the super g.

I got my genesis today and put a 10ball bearing in and it is incredible. Can there even be a yoyo better I would recommend it to any one.