New throw


I am looking for a yoyo that is smooth, stable,and has extremely long spin times.I would also want it to be full sized, good at horizontal, and grinds, even fingerspins. Max $100


Code 2 seems like something you would like.


Sounds like a Movitation. Dead smooth, long spinning, pretty good for grinds, was designed for horizontal andnfingerspins


Great suggestions, though the c3 level 6 doesn’t spin for as long as I need, so I am sort of disappointed with c3, the higher-ends probably spin longer.

What about the tenyoyo bebop, does it fit all requirements?


I dont know how long you need the yoyos to spin, my Level 6 can do a 1 minute combo pretty easily when I put a KK in it. But I would agree with the guy that said Code 2, that fits all of your criteria except for finger spins, if finger spins are a MUST then I would go for the Prestige, but the Code 2 you will get more spin time than the Prestige. The Code 2 you can put on some Spike SE’s so you can do Matador tricks though =).

Kinda off topic but wouldnt it be awesome if One Drop made SE’s that had a dimple so you could do finger spins? I think so! =).

I would say Code 2 is going to give you an awesome amount of spin time, if you up the price of look on BST my Chiefs with Trifecta Bearings spin the longest, my 7075 Saskatoon Blizzard Chief can sleep for around 8 minutes actually! =).


The level 6 along with the shutter are considered the best yoyos for $50 and under. If you’re having problems with it, it’s you, not the yoyo


C3 is definitely a best

Maybe something a little heavier like the Rec Rev Octave would be more your style


more suggestions people