good metal around $60

My preferences:

Grinds: I prefer it be good at grinds, but it doesn’t have to be

Looks: I also want one that looks really nice and good in a collection

Company: any

Size: normal or under

Preformance: I want a yoyo that spins for a long time and is extremely smooth. I also want it to be very stable and no wobble, capable of anything.
It also has to be 70$ or under.

You can give me other great suggestions that fit all the requirements. It can be metal, but maybe really good plastics. I prefer metal


Oops, haha fixed it

Add shutter and Level 6 and CZM8

I already have a shutter

I see then… Well the Minute is a beast

Yeah it looked really nice, and looked like a good performer

I need more people to vote. People, I need your opinions.

c3 yoyos have very good sleep time and are good for grinds. I have a token and i love it. so i would recommend that or the level 6.

OD Benchmark (O, H, or V)
Werrd Minute
YYF Shutter (Silver looks nice. I believe it’s bead blasted so it’ll be good at grinds.)
C3 Level 6
YYO Hatchet

These are what I’m looking at right now. The Shutter is great! If you get the silver one, there’ll be a CT in it so you’re pretty much made. As for the others, they’re the ones that look the most promising after months of researching for throws 60 bucks and under. XD Anyway, hope this helps. I’m confident that you won’t go wrong with any of the throws here and it’ll just be a preference thing. God bless!

Which one do you think is better at complicated string tricks like slacks, whips, and tight spaces.

I do find it easier to do whips and slacks with lighter throws cuz’ these involve a lot of popping, especially tricks like Lord of The Flies, Brent Stole, and Hook. So with regards to whips and slack, I think the Hatchet or Minute would do the trick. I don’t think they’d do badly with tight spaces either.

Nobody likes yoyojam

If you gave me a Crucial AYCE and told me it was a $100+ yoyo, I would believe you.

If you’re in to wide and V shaped I would recommend it. Definitely holds it’s axis and no vibe if you give it a nice firm throw.

What’s with all the bashing lately?

C3 yoyos aren’t known for their grinds. Some of the models (Krown, for example) do “OK” for finger grinds in the catch zone, but it’s not their specialy. The Token in particular isn’t very grindable so I’m a bit confused by your statement!

HOWEVER, much as I myself enjoy grinds, plenty of amazing players get by without! C3 yoyos are astonishingly good, and it doesn’t matter if they can grind or not. :smiley:

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Zeekio Anarchist or Strix

I might get a Duncan and a benchmark or level 6.

I like Yoyojam…


As do I. The YYJ Theory would be my vote around $60. It’s killer.