looking for a good throw under a $100


im sorry. im new ,I would like some thing unresponsive and long spin time.my style of play is fast and technical and i do alot of slack tricks. i do horizontle occasionly . :)hope that helps.And i am looking for some thing a bit floaty and smooth and it would be good if it could hande a lot of layers of string and if anyone has suggustions plz feel free:BTW im not looking for some thing exact just some thing close and my limit is $100 and i will buy a concave bearing with it so it dosent have to come with one :wink:

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If you don’t give us any information about how you like to play, we can’t really give an answer that’s suited for you. I would recommend telling us what you’re looking for in your YoYo and then maybe you’ll be able to choose one that’s more appropriate for you to play…


Sounds like the 54 is worth taking a look at based in your description and price range.

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It sounds like the Code 2 is what you may be looking for. I’ve never owned one myself but I suspect it may be a little slower than the others due to its large size. But it’s advertised to be great for horizontal play and that large gap means that you be able to get several layers in there too.

I wish I could be of more help, but I’ve never owned any of these YoYos. I’m just working from others’ opinions and their pages on the store.


If you’re new, why would you be using an unresponsive yo-yo, and how would you be able to do so many tricks? Just curious.

I would recommend the C3 Di Base. It plays pretty fast, and is excellent for horizontal play. It fits in your description pretty nicely.


The code 2 has a lot of weight shifted to the rims so it has excellent momentum and is pretty quick. Also you’re right about multiple layers, it even has a raised area just before the response that helps keep it from binding up with multiple layers, it’s not floaty though, which I think is one quality you were asking for. So while the code 2 is excellent, it may not be what you’re looking for.

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I have a Yuuksta, and I also bought a concave with it which works very well in it. The Yuuksta plays fast and can handle horizontal, too. It’s pretty smooth. If you don’t want to spend as much, I’d say take a look at it.


thanks but im not a big fan of its shape but thanks alot for helping!!!


sorry about the confusion but im new to the forum not yoyoing,i have been throwing for about a year now :smiley:


i have been reading about the code 2 more and more and im really getting into it!!!


The suggestion in this thread surprised me a bit
According to your description I think you should defenitly go for either the Genesis or the Supernova
They are just what you’re looking for


I have a genesis and it handles everything you’re looking for so I would recommend it if you like H-shapes.