new throw help please

looking for an all metal yoyo
would prefer a v shape
i would like something around 65-68 grams
price range is up to around $100.00
dont care what brand it is
would like it for 1A
i would like something that can do a good arm grind
i am currently working on seasick
thanks in advance everyone

Dv888 is a great choice, if your looking for really stable tho u might want to go with something by one drop.
The werrd minute is super stable. Are u looking for full sized or undersized?

I’m looking for something full sized i had the equilateral and likes it but the god trick cyclone was a good throw too

I would recommend a yyf genesis, it is full sized it is stable sleeps a very long time and is only 85 dollars. It’s really good overall

Consider the One Drop Chik, which meets your requirements. Can do nearly any grinds. Think of it as the next logical evolution of the Burnside.

66 grams, uses Side Effects for further tweaking in weight and weight distribution.

$88. Great yoyo. However, it’s more H-shaped.

C3’s Movitation might be good for grinds. The C3 Trident is a good but not great grinder but arm grinds are good and it’s V shaped.

The YYF SuperStar fits more of the bill but like with many other YYF’s, the surface isn’t that great for grinding. At $80, it’s still fantastic. You might want to consider the Shutter, which is around $45 and is V-shaped(mostly) and is not bad on the grinds.

ill second studio on the chik its awesome i tried one at my yoyo club and its smooth it grinds well and its just awesome ;D ;D ;D