New String Types

I dunno, I figure this would make a decent discussion topic, I was just thinking. We have Polys, Cottons, 50/50 Cotton Poly Blend, Nylon, Nylon/Poly blend. But I think that is pretty much where it all ends. As we all know each material has different properties that they bring to the string. I don’t know what many of you homebrew string makers use/blend but here are a few ideas:

Nylotton - Nylon/Cotton Blends, For 2a players who want longer lasting string.
33.3 - Cotton/Nylon/Poly 33.3/33.3/33.3 Blend, For players who want their string to be able to do it all; Soft, Bouncy, Loop Maintaining, and Durable String.
Nylon - Why not? I’d be willing to try it at least.

I mean these are just some examples, I mean lets think unconventional here, 550 Cord (Para Cord for you Non-Marines) Threads are pretty thick but I they could work to some extent. What do you guys think? Is it possible to make some ridiculous new string types with unique qualities that would possibly be desired by the community?

P.S. - I already know G-Strings have many different types of string, however it is not clearly published anywhere what blends Paul uses (Prolly for good reason too! ;)), I wonder what we could come up with.

You can also mix rayon and silk into strings…at least I do…

Silk, How does that affect the string? Have you ever tried pure silk strings? How were they?

Oh… You can mix in 1 wrap of plastic sewing thread… like a really thin fishing line. Gives you an indestructible string. Great for whips, but that’s it. It’s too stiff, really bad string tension, kinda burns your hand, and has slippyish binds. Not that bad of binds. But it’s really indestructible IMO. I played it on and off for like 2 years so far. But I didn’t play that long on it… maybe around 3 days of real play times. I’m still cooking up variations of it to make it more playable.

They’re very interesting.

They are kinda stiff, and a bit rough, and a tiny bit stretchy. Like, literally stretchy.

They are pretty excellent at whips and slacks.

The tension is meh, doesn’t keep tension that well, but it doesn’t lose/gain tension like crazy either.

They’re not my favorite, and they cost about $2 to make a single silk string. So they’re mostly to add a single strand to a string.

I was just wondering, is it possible to make string out of hair?

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maybe but i doubt it could stand up to the beating a yoyo string takes. i ean i don’t know the tolerances of hair but i cant see them being too great

Have you seen the string that general yo came out with ( ) there now offering Kevlar string, and 50/50 kevlar poly blend, don’t know how it plays but I bet it could choke a dude real nice, adding a new move to the ‘yoyo as a weapon’ list.

I also thought 550 cord could make a nice last resort especially if you take out the 7 strands on the inside but seems kinda thin (maybe perfect for a Mighty Flee), if you know how to make yoyo string and have free access to some 550 cord spools you can probably make a nifty profit, especially if you use the outside sheath after pulling out the guts to make a messload of cobra braded yoyo holders, I made mine (with the guts) and its nice, I sized it just right so it covers the gap on all my yoyos

Yeah, I totally agree, Kevlar/poly blend, now that is interesting. I wonder if the Kevlar makes them rough, I know the Kevlar I used to move around in our supply warehouse was heavy and rough. No doubt the materials I handles were specially treated, whatever, still I think that is an awesome Idea.

Hair… if you can find long enough hair… it would be pretty awesome. Although I think hair’s too slippery to grip well. And do they sell Kevlar in strands? I wanna try.

I just bought the last pack of 10 for $12.00 from Ernie at General-Yo he orderd 500 more, Ihad them sent home, so I’ll get to use them when I get back to the states, just 1 more month, I’m done with this dustbowl.

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thank you for your service, both of you! honored to be on the same forum with some of our finest.


Lol thanks for that and you know what, there are a LOT of ridiculous Special Orders >.<

WAIT… you guys are in military??? Wow… thanks.