New String Type Causing Whip Issues?

Hey guys, has anyone had the problem that switching to a new yoyo string type makes hitting tricks that I could hit before, nearly at will, like Brent Stole or Hooks, now severly hard? Thr string just doesn’t go around as fast, or flip over for the stole when it used to. I am having to try and figure out new timing, and it seems, bounce higher to make the trick happen. I just got some Kitty Nylon, but before I had only ever had the string that came with my Crossfire, my Skyva, and some Duncan cotton ones. I played the Skyva/Crossfire strings for months until they each nearly broke. Do I need to break these Kitty strings in, or is there a trick to alter my timing now? Thanks guys.

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I think you just got used to the whippier string. Naturally when you go from a string that whips slower to a string that whips faster your motion with your arm/hand to do the whip needs to slow down and you’ve just gotten used to that pace.

This happens to me when I first switch strings too but it usually only takes me a few throws to get the pacing down.

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String does make a difference. Nylon I’ve played is lighter but I don’t remember if I had issues with the whips? The less dense (lighter) string won’t whip as easily. Then you can get something like Dragon string, a favorite of mine, and whip so fast you’ll actually have to slow down your whips… or they’ll just whip right by. :smiley:

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