faster whips

does anyone have some tips or something to make my whips faster?
i mean im tring to do 1.5 hook and the slack doesnt spin fast and i cant do the trick :-\

What string are you using? Some strings whip much faster than others.

Have you tried cutting the string?

Toxic String whips so fast that Indiana Jones could use it to swing across a chasm whilst dodging arrows.

What string are you currently using?

kitty string…but very long

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Kitty doesnt whip too well. You can whip amd stuff with it after you learn how to with a better string, but it is HARD to learn with kitty- I would suggest getting a pack of toxics or grey matter.

Try Epic Strings Whips! (May be coming to a store near you in Israel!)

Iwould have suggested those but ive never tried them! I love your magic threads BTW.

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You can also try making your own string. I can easily make really whippy string.

Thanks for reminding me that I have to pick some of those up next time I order from YYE

anyways I use kitty string nylon and that slacks really nicely

How does it whip?

1.5 hook?
If you whip too fast, the string won’t swing around.
I actually whip SLOWER to get the loop larger and more consistent.
Too fast, makes it a bit more inaccurate.
Try and do it a bit slower and keep your hands closer.
And make sure the loop is nice and large

its not only 1.5 hook,they are another whips that i cant do

Trust me. Slowing down, and learning to control makes all whips easier.
I learned iwasawa town, by slowing down.
I learned quite a few picture whips etc by slowing down!

The nylon whips really well in my opinion but every ones different I like it way better than polyester