New Shutter Wide Angle - Bearing falls out

Hey everyone. Figured I’d ask here as YoyoFactory and YoyoCanada (where I purchased) hasn’t gotten back to me.

I got a brand new Shutter Wide Angle for my birthday on August 9th.

My amazing wife got me a decent throw because I recently got back into Yoyo after about 17 years.

My first few throws didn’t feel right. The Yoyo would die out before completing a simple “Cold Fusion”.

I figured the bearing just needed to be broken in, so I gave it a few days…it got worse.

I figured the bearing may need a cleaning and re-lubing…when I unscrewed the Yoyo, the bearing just fell out…

Normally with every other Yoyo I own, even the cheap ones, a bearing removal tool is needed to remove the bearing.

The bearing in my Wide Angle comes out with minimal finger pressure. Is this normal?

It seams like the bearing seat on one side is worn because the anodization looks all scratched up.

I was hoping to return it to where my wife bought it from, and they haven’t replied. (They only give you 2 weeks to return an item)

I reached out to YoyoFactory to ask the same question above, and they haven’t replied either…

Did I get a faulty Shutter Wide Angle?

Side Note: I tried a couple different C sized bearings. Concave and centre track and neither helped remedy the situation…I basically have a desk ornament and a bummed out wife who wanted to get me something nice for my birthday…

What would you do?


Sometimes, in my experience, the bearing comes out easily. I’ve never had one fall out when the halves are unscrewed. The ease a bearing comes out when unscrewed shouldn’t matter much. I bet someone here is gonna ask you to post photos of the guts of that yoyo. Ok, I’ll do it: please photos of the bearing seats. This problem will be resolved. You came to the right place.

What kind of sleep time do you get from throwing a straight sleeper?

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Apologies if the photos aren’t the greatest quality, but the one side with the axel seems like the ano is scratched off, where the other side seems to be untouched.

I’m wondering if anyone who has owned a Shutter Wide Angle has had a similar issue?

This sounds like a flaw with the yoyo. However, it probably wouldn’t cause the spin to die out - it’s more likely to make it vibey.

The other things to check for spin time are the bearing cleanliness, the pads (are they sticking out any?), and the string.


As for sleep time, from a normal throw, it dies out after 27 seconds…from a hard throw, 56 seconds.
I just timed it with my iPhone to confirm. The Stock bearing is loud, and sounds “clunky/squeaky”.

With a concave bearing its the same sleep times, as well as a similar centre track bearing…minus the noise. Those bearings work great in my normal shutters as well as my CZM8.

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Response pads don’t stick out, they sit flush with the body. If I bind right away it catches perfectly and returns to my hand.


I had a wide angle. Wasn’t my thing. I apologize if this sounds condescending…could it be your throw? That’s one big yoyo and in my experience needed a powerful, dead-on throw. We’ll get the problem resolved!

Haha I don’t consider your comment condescending at all, I have faith that my throws are on point. I took that into consideration as well, that my throw may suck, because I’m rediscovering the world of Yoyo again after so long…but I’m about 3 months in and able to perform solid strong tricks with my other throws.

Throw is strong and straight. String is new, 100% polyester. There is vibe in the Yoyo since the first throw right out of the box. I attribute that to the bearing seat possibly…just sucks that I think I’ve wasted money on something I thought was “Championship” quality…with no response from where it was purchased or from YotoFactory themselves.

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@yyfben2 @YoYoExpertGarrett

I’m sorry. I never heard anything negative about the WA. There has to be a solution…

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If it was a gift from your wife, tell her it’s fantastic and get something else since you don’t want to damage it.

YYF makes great yo-yos, not sure what’s up with this one. So the bearing seat was like this right out of the box?

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Yup, first thing I noticed when I went to check the bearing.

I’ve been laid off the past 5 months and have been looking for work with no luck so far. Stupid Covid-19!! lol (Which is why I had the time to get back into yo-yoing with the few throws given to me by a friend.) can’t really afford to go out and buy a new top of the line Yoyo, so this would have been an awesome gift had it performed as advertised…sadly, right out of the box it felt “off”.

My $17 Magic Yoyo M001 Silencer performs better.


Maybe Ben can respond here. I suspect it happened from the retailer.


put your bearing on a pencil and flick it with your finger. it should spin for 10+ sec


I have a Yoyo that took a heavy fall once, and it’s symptoms are the same as yours. My Yoyo was a edge beyond. It was squished by something (don’t know what) and the bearing seat was tilted away from the Yoyo. Then the ano started coming off and the Yoyo was ruined. Your Yoyo might have had some careless packing and had this happen… I just dunno…

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Never had a YYF were the bearing would fall out like that. Sounds like a flaw to me. I’m sure YYF will take care of you.


I have responded to the OP via email.

For everyone else,The difference between too fight and loose is a fraction of a human hair. its machined to a precise level and then in the process of anodize that material is melted away and then added to! now you add a bearing, which you hope has been machined to the same tolerances as your yoyo. If the bearing is not put on straight it can damage that part too. get some dirt and grime in there, it goes from loose to tight. build it up enough, it might even cause damage to the metal. Its a precise and most delicate part of the yoyo.


Ok… it’s Official.

I just died laughing🤡

Careless packing= loose bearing seat🤔

A Crushing blow to Humanity.

Oops! Update… you may be right after all.

The Mortuary carelessly packed me in my coffin and I fell out🙄

I’m a victim of ‘Pesky Packer Syndrome’.


Excuse me. If your yo-yos bearing seat gets bumped, the yoyos screwed. If I learned anything from my $150 Yoyo breaking, it’s that.

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