Im puzzled

I have a yyf shutter with a concave bearing in it and has been playing fine for a little while, however recently its started playing responsive, so i cleaned the bearing and that seemed to do the trick, so i start playing with it and within a week or so it starts playing responsive again, it has no bearing shields so i thought it may have gathered some dirt again, but most of the posts on bearing cleaning say that you should only need clean about twice a year.

Im not very knowlageable in yoyo maintainence so i wonder what you guys think?

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It depends where you throw (dusty area or not) and how often.

You should also clean the bearing seat when you clean the bearing.

Ok awesome thank you, how would you clean the bearing seat aswell?

Yeah. An unshielded bearing can get stuff in it at any random time. I, personally, don’t have to clean mine much at all but, even my stored bearings, get something in them, from time to time.

Ok thanks

Compressed air or a vacuum.

Thank you

I have had a little look at it a bit more and noticed that the bearing is coming off really easily and when i push the bearing in tight and screw the yoyo back together its plays fine, it then starts responding again and when i take it apart the bearing is quite loose as previously. This cycle repeats. Could the responsivness be caused by the varying bearing tightness?

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not to hijack but ive had a shutter with a center trac for a couple weeks, and its suddenly getting kind of responsive. would i benefit from deshielding and cleaning the CT? as in would it spin longer and stay unresponsive?


Sometimes bearings marketed as “stainless” is not always entirely stainless. Look at the inside part of the outer race, if it has a little rusty dust, it’s probably one I’m talking about, even if the outer part is completely shiny. The rust gathers around the ball bearing path increasing friction. It hasn’t happened to me somehow, unless the bearing is definitely not stainless… but my friends mostly have, for unknown reason.
Try to do paper slip method to clean the bearing, if the paper has rust in it when cleaning, unless you’re the “tinkerer” type, better save up for a new bearing.