New Scales Podcast Episode! Increasing Your Value in the Yo-Yo World

Us Scales guy recorded a wholesome discussion about ways to add value to the yo-yo world. We really appreciate those who make the community a better place and it would be awesome to see more people take the initiative of being positive!

Reply to this thread with the nicest thing someone in the yo-yo world has done to you and I’ll pick a lucky person to win some cool Scales stuff :slight_smile:

This episode is also available on Spotify if you search ‘Scales Podcast’ and Soundcloud under ‘Scales Collective’


Couple Things:

God Himself @codinghorror gifted me with a whole beautiful yoyo that I currently am throwing as this is being written. First time being gifted a thing over the internet, is special to me.

But by far, the most absolutely amazing and heartwarming experience was having the man who got me in help me in school with the basics. Eric, I hope you here. He introduced me with his yoyos with a big ol’ box in 4th grade. Then, he told me where to get me first lil’ yo throw, a YYF One. He told me to order from this site by telling my dad or buying at toys r us. Bought it, and the rest is history. He also helped me on some of the tricks during recess with buddy Omar. When I get a job, I will personally buy a gold black splash DV888 just for you, and that’s not a meme. He had one in his pocket. Im tearing up fam. Im now 15 and I cannot say how much yoyoing means to me now. I hope I meet you someday, you bearded yoyo man. Thank you.


Im too short and I have baby hands. Cmon genetic lottery I need a growth spurt to tower over bigger nerds and become leader of the nerds


i’d like to thank some of the people on the G2 discord who have encouraged and supported me on my trick-a-week trickcircle quest. without their cajoling, i probably would have never ventured in filming my tricks and would’ve been contended with keeping my instagram account photos-only.

in the spirit of doing something nice and positive, if i get selected to win some Scales stuff, i’d like the person who replies 8 comments below me (Edit: below this comment) to win it instead. good luck to all!


The entire yo-yo community particularly all the old TheYo users (too many to name without leaving some people out) and @AndreBoulay, @YoYoExpertEric and the Northampton yo-yo crowd were incredibly helpful in giving me a supportive community to be a part of when I was going through chemotherapy.

When I was isolated from a lot of the world during treatment I could always log on to TheYo or Yoyonation and feel connected to something.

And of course @HVizier did as much for me as anybody. He made me feel a real sense of self worth and helped provide meaning to my life when i was going through a rough time mentally after my second time through 3 years of chemo. It was years before I realized just how much of a positive impact the opportunity he gave me had on my life. Thanks Heath.

Honestly not sure what the scales collective is but this was a good excuse to let Heath, any of the old TheYo dudes and old Northampton folks that might still be around know how much they meant to me.


Back when I was designing and releasing my 1st yoyo (the diffraction) I got a lot of support here & elsewhere from a bunch of folks, but the one person who stands out the most to me is @chaosgow. He critiqued all of my designs, spent lots of time helping me with things I had questions with, and challenged me to make something people would actually buy. What a man he is.


Yes seconded @chaosgow had tons of good advice on the Ti-Vayder and gave me some excellent pushback to properly question and examine things.

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And you ignored all of them and made it anyway. Good


Now you teach me things too, it’s been a fun journey


I don’t think that’s quite true, you said “people like color choices” and so, there were colors… sorry… colours…

Black isn’t a colour, it’s a distinct lack of colour. I know you like to be anal about that kind of thing.

Not all yoyos can be pink Jordan


You’re wrong


I’ve received two free yoyos from @codinghorror in my time on the forums. I’ve never been part of any community where people are so giving. Also shoutout to @smileypants707 for sending me his Kuntosh 5000QV, basically a $100 yoyo, just so I could try it and see if I liked it. This whole community blows me away with it’s generosity sometimes.


I wouldn’t have embraced yo-yoing the way I did if it wasn’t for the Spindoctors so I’m going to shout out David Capurro for founding and running the club for so long.


But was the kuntosh good tho?

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Good enough that I asked him if he wanted to trade for my Banshee lol

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