New Save Deth Shirts!

Over at we’ve put our new shirts up! This season we got to work with 2 of our close friends, and favorite artists, Paul Escolar and Danny Severance.

Implied by Danny Severance

Metal Tour by Paul Escolar

Two and a Half Tone

Era Pocket T

A little something for everyone O0

Awsome!!! I may buy one when I buy the dvd, ;).

White shirts=not good for vids
White shirts=awesome

<3 Save Deth.

These are awesomely amazing. I can imagine myself wearing the “Metal Tour” shirt under a Mongu Hoodie. Can’t wait for the hoodie to come out!

cool but i want the DVD lol


The DVD in on our store and will be at yo-yo expert SOON!

exactly. for a long time we tried to make shirts that where good to yo-yo/film in… then we realized… Just because its a “Yo-Yo shirt” doesnt mean you’ve gotta see the string 24/7… its a good yo-yo for yourself shirt :smiley:

nice shirts seth

the Era Pocket Tee made me think that a regular A.K.A. black Boss would basically be invisible.
it also made me buy it with Save Deth Volume two.

Our t-shirts are quite persuasive ;D

Gonna have these at SCR?

Nice…ima go purchase some…white colered shirts not good with light colored string