New round of: If you can do it .......add to it

Alright, it’s been a while and we have several new members so lets get after it.

Time to get the game started:
how it works: I’ll start with a simple trick or move, then if you can do it you add the next move. Each time a move is added, the trick/ combo grows in length.

So lets try to keep the progression slow so we can keep as many with us as possible. For example: break away, then the next person would say “break away into …………” We’ll keep the first round short to use as an example.

Feel free to use video, but don’t feel obligated to.

So I’ll start with that:

  1. Break away

OH I remember this from years ago. I think it’d be super cool if everyone that contributed added a video too but I think that’s too much work for a lot of people haha.

  1. Dismount trapeze into a brother mount

This sounds cool I’ve never done this before.

  1. Drop the string on your non throw hand
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You weren’t in a trapeze! :slight_smile:

But assuming you were and continuing after

Roll everything counterclockwise (assuming right handed player)


I’m I aloud to add more then one element? Not more then one element in the same post but overall

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Let’s get things straight.

Dismount trapeze into a brother mount
Drop the string on your non throw hand
Reject to the front and do an iron whip

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Wow I’m out lol

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Take the the string on the middle and underpass it from the inside

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Wait, so you’re under-passing counter-clockwise, right?

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You’s had me at trapeze!


Unroll and bind.

First round finished, short as promised. Nice Job!

So as you can see from the first round be as clear as possible.
So here we go!

Round 2:
Someone get it started. (I started the last so it’s someone else’s turn.)

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  1. World Tour
  1. to arm wrap
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roll out to trapeze

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whip to kamikaze


roll over throw hand as in kamikaze

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