1A: Step up and add to it, if you can do it!

Alright there have been some requests for a 1a thread.

Same rules but lets keep this thread 1a.

A. You can only add a move if you can complete all the moves prior to that move.
B. Only add one move. For example, break away into a trapeze would be two moves. The reason for only adding one move is so that our newer friends can accompany us for a bit.
C. Number your move in it’s proper sequence, after 10 moves are added, the one move rule changes to a 2 move rule. However, if you only want to add one move, that’s fine. After 30 moves, you can add up to 3 moves, after 40 moves you can add 4, and so on.
D. Vids are always welcomed but not necessary. (Honor system ya know)
E. After each bind, all those that have been eliminated can join back in.

Let’s try to give all the opportunity to participate by starting each round with basic skills and moving to more complex.

I’ll start:

  1. Break away


Hop to trapeze and his brother.

Trapeze and his brother slack

Ninja Vanish

How does that work from a trapeze and his brother?

Watch the yotricks ninja vanish video.

Lindy loops front side (of yoyo not play orientation side or front)

Dismount and then do brent stole.

Straight into a rib stole

Dismount and hidemasa hook

enter double tower to single tower picture trick by Mr. Rojas (seen in his 2012 video)

OK, now someone do a video of this trick y’all have invented.

Bind of choice!

Keep pushing and showing each other great stuff! :wink:

I can’t do all of these without missing one, so I guess I’m out.

1.behind the back breakaway

Well im out on this one…

Hubstack style grind

Ohhh thats just not fair xD