If you can do it......Add to it!

Alright, here we go, the rules:

  1. Someone starts by providing one or two moves, not more than two.
  2. You try and do it.
  3. If you can do it you add one or two moves to it. Not more than two.

An example:

Throw a breakaway into a trapeze. (two moves)

The idea is to break it down into elements that everyone can attempt. Saying, “add ladder escape” doesn’t work as it’s composed of several moves. Got it?

  1. If someone adds a bind to it, free for all, anyone can start the next one -two moves and we roll from there.

Feel free to make videos or whatever but videos aren’t needed to participate because I don’t make vids! My rules ;D.

  1. Let’s try to push each other without knocking people out right away, if you get my drift.

I’ll start it with the example given:

  1. Throw a breakaway into a trapeze. Here we go!

Trapeze to two Eli hops. Love the thread!

do 2 suicides into a green triangle

Hop out of the green triangle into trapeze “I think this is possible”

pop into a double or nothing, do matrix 2 times

swing into trapeze, throw up and do the kwijibo move to get into a 1.5 mount

Do the last part of cold fusion from the 1.5 mount back into a trapeze.


Frontstyle throw

Split-bottom mount, boing-e-boing.

do 3 barrel rolls, undo and do 3 takeshi boings


Houdini mount, Asian hops